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For the smoothest operation, Google Chrome is recommended. 

Getting Started with Mounting:
Much of the data you see is automatic and does not need altered.
Scroll down to the "Start Simple" section below to get going.

*3D is reduced 65% by default for all, adjust in the Display Tab...

If you need Help with the calculator, go to www.avsforum.com

Recommended brightness is 15 fL to 20 fL for a fully darkened room. but 20 fL to 25 fL is often optimal to account for lamp wear.
30+ fL may be benefical for HDR, dependant upon tone mapping.
For a room in ambient light, it often needs to be even brighter ( 80+).

 Gray Text = Too Dim     Green = OK     Purple = Too Bright
Less than 15 fL
 15 fL to 30 fL
30 fL or Brighter

There will be exponentially more projectors added once the BETA is over. A few other things will likely be revised.

Start Simple:

1) Choose the Projector Type, MFR Brand, and Model.

2) Set the gain that your desired screen will have.

3) Set the Screen Size (and Aspect if using a CIH "super wide" Screen).

4) Enter your Ceiling Height of your Room in the dark blue box. The screen automatically resizes dimensionally to ceiling height.

5) Enter the distance above the floor you are planning to mount your screen in the dark blue box on the bottom right.

6) Adjust the projector's mounting zoom / throw to set the projector to the desired distance back from the screen.

7) Watch the final brightness change for each mode dynamically.

8) The Min Req Ceiling Height is the minimum required ceiling height in your room for the given screen size. It is assumed a screen needs
at least 4 inches (10cm) of clearance for the screen frame's thickness.

9) If the projector has Vertical Lens Shift, you can adjust the slider. This shows you the mounting locations that a projector is capable of.

Additional Tips

Details Tab shows important live mounting data.

The Display Tab allow customization of various options on the form, as well as some settings related to the PJ lumens.

The Advanced Tab is for custom data and advanced users, hence you do not need to change any of the values here.

Best Modes listed above show calibrated lumen output. The Min Lumens mode shows the least bright settings of the projector.

3D Glasses cause a MAJOR drop in brightness, and that is why the brightness in 3D mode is much lower than in 2D.

The Final Brightness is automatically calculated based on all the values you enter for the PJ throw and the screen gain. The brightness is shown as fL (Foot Lamberts). Foot lamberts are a way to interpret accurately how bright your screen will be.
The Baseline Lumens data is more accurate than any other projector calculator. We use real-world measurements and percentile averaging for maximum accuracy.

The Seating Calculator and Lamp Tracking capabilties are coming soon in the next version of the software, stay tuned...

 ¬†Sample Image on Screen
Auto-Rotate Sample Images Every  Seconds
Calculate for Lamp Wear at  as  loss
Calculate 3D Lumens Loss from Glasses as     loss  

Baseline Lumens were entered at: Disabled in Beta
Center Screen Marker
Top/Btm Screen Markers

Color code text for brightness as the foot lamberts change
Gray = Too Dim | Green = OK | Purple = Too Bright

Set Lumens Modifiers:
Closest Throw increases lumens
 Percent from Mid-Zoom
Farthest Throw decreases lumens
 Percent from Mid-Zoom
Zoom Capability and Throw Ratiio:
Max Zoom
Throw Ratio
Lens Shift and Offset:
Diagonal Offset:
Offset Starts at:
V-Shift Down
per 50" Screen Height
V-Shift Up
Note: This area is for your own conversions, it has no affect on the app.
Lumens and Lux assumes measured from lens, fL and Nits from screen.
Screen Size:
Lux for 100" Screen


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Adjust Screen Size: 110" (96"w X 54"h)
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Lens Center to Base
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 Lens Offset
  16.8 inches
Top of Viewable Screen Area (relative to grid)
Center of Viewable Screen Area (relative to grid)
Bottom of Viewable Screen Area (relative to grid)